Infrared Heater Wiring Diagram

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Infrared Heater Wiring Diagram - INRAREDHEATER WIRING DIAGRAM TC3 Copyright ©2014 BioSmart Technologies. Created Date: 10/14/2014 11:50:52 AM. one screw in the thing that hold the wheel on is longer, remove that one, leave the others in place, on my sunheat they are not in the same place on the caster, and remove screws that hold the unit to the wood case in back, slide metal unit out. take out screws on the side with the switch, the on off switch pushes out from inside out, I pinched the tabs and pried the switch out from the front. wire color is white red. Need a replacement manual for your EdenPURE heater? Search are product manuals for the right one for your heater..

Below is a do-it-yourself guide designed to help simplify the process. Also included are tips for choosing the right garage heater, wiring your thermostat, and easy ways to get the most out of your garage heater.. Tubular Radiant Heater Wiring Diagram(s) & Options. Wiring Diagrams for Tubular Radiant Heaters.. ELECTRICAL DATA WIRING DIAGRAMS 120V, 240V 480V AC OR DC SINGLE PHASE L1 L2 One or more heaters in parallel, single phase. ACB L1 L2 120V, 240V AC OR DC SINGLE PHASE ACB SINGLE POLE 3 HEAT One or more heaters in parallel in each leg of 3 phase circuit. Magnetic switch required to handle current load. Control voltage same as line voltage. L3.

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